The drone metal band Sunn O))) returns to Berlin for the first time in years for three shows in their core, original raw form. Founders/guitarists Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson will perform as a duo immersed in profound valve amplification, spectral harmonics, distortion, and volume. Pure and primeval riffs of temporality, massively heavy structures of sound pressure. Witness a live experience of physical sound, fog and glacial maximalism like no other.

Taking the stage before Sunn O))) will be the Stockholm-based American composer and musician Kali Malone, who has been the source of some of the most quietly revelatory music of the past several years. Her newest album, Does Spring Hide Its Joy, is a critically acclaimed „sprawling three-hour epic,“ full of droning guitars, cellos, and sine waves.


The shows will take place from 12-14. September in Berghain. More info here.

Source: PR CTM
Text: Viktor Jenčuš

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