DJ Latinchat is a Peruvian DJ and producer currently based in Berlin. It took him two deep reggaeton – or cosmic dembow as he dubbed them back then – tracks uploaded casually online at the end of 2022 to put his name on the map and catch the attention of Latin American club music enthusiasts. In his music, he merges dancehall, reggaeton and more styles with electronic music resulting in rhythmically complex tracks (spread across his official debut release and several compilation contributions, including NAAFI’s Pirata series) that started landing in the sets of the scene’s most influential figures like Dengue Dengue Dengue, Manuka Honey, CRRDR, Bitter Babe or Parzubanil.

In March, he debuted with his EP Tagadá on the Polish music label Basy Tropikalne. The sound of the EP is inspired by the distinctive 303 bassline, reggaeton, tumbao rhythm patterns, and Afro-Cuban music, experimenting with to 6/8 time signature. The Tagadá EP is then enriched by three distinctive remixes. By Egyptian producer 3Phaz, Buenos Aires-based OG EL Plvybxy and Uruguay’s experimental talent Lila Tirando a Violeta.

Words from DJ Latinchat about the mix:

„This mix was created both to support my recent release on Basy Tropikalne (Tagadá EP), and to showcase both what I’ve been producing and what I have been playing live recently. The mix showcases a lot of the interesting music that has been coming out of the Latin American club scene recently, with many tracks by producers from Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. In the first section, the mix reflects the mood and influences of the Tagadá EP, with slow tracks around 100 BPM that move between mutant dancehall and dreamy dembow beats, but as the mix progresses it moves into a „clubbier“ territory, speeding up to around 140 BPM and moving freely between speed dembow, guaracha and tribalesque tracks that can be thought of as existing in the „Latin-core“ continuum.

For the first time, I chose to include a lot of my own productions and edits in an online mix, some are unreleased tracks that will come out in the following months and some are taken from recent releases such as Tagadá and compilations by Rauversion and Love in the Endz. I also included a couple of very good unreleased tracks from friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when they shared them with me.”


Anaquía & Youk – Acceso aleatorio
DJ Latinchat – Zwelve
Facta – Sick Pup
DJ Latinchat – Bamlo
Zunfo x Entrañas – Tres Cruces (unreleased)
Genosidra – Son hechicero
DJ Latinchat – Es un secreto tool (unreleased)
DJ Latinchat – Tagadá (EL PLVYBXY remix)
Bonde Do Rolê – Office Boy (Brodinski remix)
DJ Latinchat – ??? (unreleased)
Selvagia – Pimpol
Undrwght – Ymir
DJ Latinchat – Dale Lobo (unreleased)
DJ Latinchat – Místico Divino (unreleased)
João Lágrima de Ouro – Socada
Diviña Niña ft Ene Ese – Disueltos (unreleased)
Kaifo – En la paila
DJ Latinchat – Alamedas

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