Growing up Mexican in Los Angeles, Bianca Oblivion was surrounded by the sounds of backyard parties and car stereos blasting everything from Gangster Rap and Freestyle to Cumbias and Hard House. She trained as a dancer throughout her childhood and teen years, drawn to African, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian dance forms. As a young adult, she frequented the LA club scene during the height of electro and blog house, where she first got her start DJing. Her sets reflect all these influences, as her sound draws from styles across the house, club, and global bass spectrum.

Her Club Aerobics Radio show on NTS and her guest mixes for Diplo & Friends, Beats1, and Rinse France have showcased Bianca’s talents behind the decks. Her debut single “Bumbum Pra Cá” continues this fusion of genres, drawing from baile funk and classic grime. Whether in DJing, radio or production, Bianca continues to innovate her sound and selection. “Even when I’m in the booth, I still envision myself on the dance floor, waiting to hear the next track that will make me go off.”

„The theme is „Summer Sizzlers“ – a selection of old & new house/disco influenced, high energy dance tracks.“

Bianca is releasing her new single „Bubble Pon Di Bed“ Ft. XL Mad, released on 7th August 2020. You can pre-order track via Bandcamp. Check out also a weekly ZOOM party Saddest Spiral witch Bianca streams with The Saddest Angel.

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