Assyouti is an Egyptian DJ and producer born and raised in Cairo, a bustling city whose perpetual chaos and overwhelming noise pollution have been channeled into the artist’s unique music productions, developed around endless warping and manipulation of rhythmic and vocal samples. Now based in Berlin, Assyouti has been bringing his remarkable mutant bass music around local clubs as well as the most renowned festivals for the scene such as Uganda’s Nyege Nyege and Berlin’s CTM Festival. After his debut EP Shakhrama (High Digital, 2022), and the follow-up The Disintegration of Eric Omelette (Shepard Tone, 2023), the Italian label Paynomindtous is excited to present his next endeavor called Kraken Sight. It will be released on July 5th via Bandcamp.

Keeping up with Assyouti’s trademark feature of arranging broken rhythms, deranged percussions, and heavily distorted bass into articulated sound aggressions, the release is composed of five tracks sketched with a harsh industrial-infused sound palette, and refined through the surgical juxtaposition of tension, sudden release, and further sonic assault.

Kraken Sight describes the descent into a dangerously dark ocean, inhabited by lurking creatures ready to swallow the listeners in the bottomless, obscure depth. Masterfully managing to convey an ever-present tension, Assyouti’s latest effort summons oppressive and abrasive soundscapes to lead to inescapable feelings of unease and discomfort, where light struggles to infiltrate and brighten the black, desolated abyss.

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