Contemporary club music fans, hello! We are excited to present you the song from the new AUDIO BAMBINO compilation BAM-004. It’s a double drop release. BAM-004 is coming out on December 25. simultaneously with the BAM-003 compilation. Read more about the Montreal-based electronic music collective and label in our previous article. We’re premiering the track „We All Need Recognition“ by relatively unknown producer dan1dang3r. It’s an original mixture of heavy positive trance music with contemporary electronic, trap and club music influences. Vaporwave producer Blank Banshee is the only one that comes to my mind as a comparison.

AB says about this double release: „Chasing saccharine sunsets & beach club memories down the neon boulevard. ZAP B2B GLOW: the night is defined by shifting energies. Head-nodding’ power tools give way to euphoric club sensations, altered senses, and sharing special moments with close friends <3 Support the release via Bandcamp.

„Dancing your heart out. Reaching for the sky. Dreaming of a better tomorrow, a feeling like falling in love for the first time. The smell of rubber from soles chafing the waxed gym floor. GLOW saturates the crowd with luscious, candy-licious vibes as ZAP layers hard-hitting, jolted rhythmic pulses beneath emotional hybrid L♡VE club bangers.“

„We are motivated by the project of harmonizing the genre-transcending parallels that we see between the artists involved. To us, music provides an opportunity to create and explore without boundaries. It’s these exact feelings we wish to share with our audience. Giving our family of artists the opportunity to create and share their music is very important to us. However, we wish to go beyond that: part of our mission is to provide the opportunity to express oneself through music to all those who seek it. We hope to accomplish this by directly giving back to the music community and other communities in need whenever possible.“

All profits of the BAM series will be donated to Hoodstock’s workshop “PROJECT S.T. ARTS.”, a music-oriented project that provides at-risk youth with a chance to create music in a professional studio environment.

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