Since 2020, Cime has acted as a merging platform for various types of creative practices including music, design, visual arts, and beyond. Together with new and old friends of Cime they continue their mutually inspiring musical exchange with individuals from all around the globe building on the previous Cime Sampler from 2020. By achieving this, they now present another collection of exciting, diverse and ear-pleasing visions of today’s different styles of electronic music.

Containing a stimulating range from dreamy prologues over-energetic sound deformations to expressive hymns the gridless musical scope owns something for everybody. Now, we are premiering the track „Taugenichts“ by Leipzig-based producer Olmatri.

Olmatri about himself and the new song I don’t know how to make music, but I pay producers on fiverr to create my songs. It’s far more efficient than spending those hours actually learning it. I started this in 2016. Back then I bought lo-fi hip-hop beats, but they got pretty expensive, so I had to switch. Now I mostly buy from gabber or so-called „deconstructed club“ producers. They are much cheaper.

Some even take special requests for an extra fee. When they do, I ask them to combine heavy bass drums with detuned synths and Latin-influenced rhythms. There are many producers, I always like to try new genres and maybe transform them. A very good friend from Colombia introduced me to the guaracha genre which I love very much now. So, for this new song, I asked the ghost producer to create this long-winded, boring build-up intro and then take the guaracha elements and add some more punch, speed and power to it. This is the story behind „taugenichts„. A Taugenichts is a person who is useful for nothing. Like me, not being able to produce by myself. My mom has been calling me that since 2017 after she caught me paying my producers. She also sells beats on fiverr. Thank u very much and cheers from Leipzig! ⊂◉‿◉つ

▶ Tracklist

  1. tau contrib – paper trail
  2. TTristana – Drown
  3. Myst Mach – rain3dit1
  4. Chaos Angel – magisches lied
  5. MIRA 新伝統 – Histrionic Machines
  6. Gibby – Retreat
  7. Levan Shanidze – Sunamo
  8. Bademjan & GRIG – Derelict Body
  9. Para – Hosu
  10. Christoff Riedel & Ambriel – Crush
  11. Ivy – Natha
  12. Rubie – Sitting in the airport while my memory fails
  13. Olmatri – Taugenichts [Swine Daily Premiere]
  14. Sucedania – Sentido de ausencia
  15. Dj Deejay & Phalanx – Gamlet
  16. Beatrix Weapons – original ontology
  17. Rosaceae – bear with me
  18. Vertigo Stellar – Oh

Cime Sampler Vol. 2 will be released together with its accompanying wax sculp-tures on June 8th, 2022 on SoundCloud (music) and Bandcamp (music + sculpture).

Release Title: Cime Sampler Vol. 2
Label: Cime
Catalogue Number: cime004
Cover Art: Tom Fischer
Mastering: Christoff Riedel
Release Date: June 8th 2022

All proceedings will be donated to Help Ukraine 22, a non-governmental organization filling gaps in humanitarian aid through fast action and direct targeting. For more information click here.

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