Inspired by the iconic tradition of the sample pack, the Source Folder series seeks to explore the diversity of interpretations, paths, and offsprings that might emerge from a shared resource. In each installment, a member of the Global URL Nation provides a sample pack from which other artists are invited to create a new track.

To initiate the series, the GUN collective and Club Late Music welcomed SNKLS, a French producer blending rich sound designs, intricate drum patterns, and synthetic curiosities into unique entities at the crossroads of genres and labels. Now we have the honor to premiere the track „Thermal“ from Atrice, who is also a part of the compilation.

For his participation, SNKLS curated not one, but two packs of sounds, made from a selection of Eurorack modules such as Rings, Morphagene or DPO, providing a set of tools, materials and supplies for others to appropriate, upcycle, reuse and combine in order to create their own item.

The 127 Pack edition gathers artists César Ch, Cosmic Caz, EURROPE, King Demitri, Lukann, migu, T.U., VIO_L3T, & xato. From soothing soundscapes to ominous saturated hits, the different tracks draw the contours of a peculiar environment, a garden of synthetic singularities and beauties to be observed, appreciated and get lost into.

The 160 Pack edition gathers Ancestral Vision, Atrice, B E N N, DJ Body Double, dragongirl, El Murki, Lia Catreux, Orqualyzer, RougeHotel, SNKLS, Talita Otović, & VIBRISSE. Bass-heavy club cuts, broken drum patterns and sharp textures deliver a crushing discharge of energy, an eruption of invigorating fluids that seems to emerge from the darkest depths of the underground.

The two sample packs are available for anyone to create their own objects at this link, inaugurating a new section on our website, where more resources dedicated to producers and artists will be added over time >> [Club Late Music Resources]


[127 PACK]

César Ch – A Garden Of Delights
VIO_L3T – Ferrum
T.U. – My Eyes Are Birds
migu – Descent
Lukann – Bend Soothe Ignite
xato – Usui
EURROPE – Hurlevent Quartier Moderne et Marché aux Créatures (Malfamé)
Cosmic Caz – Sonus Synthesis
King Demitri – Serendipitous Citadel

[160 PACK]

dragongirl – note to self:
Ancestral Vision – Carbon Lizard Lodge
B E N N – Neurasthenia
RougeHotel – LAIN
El Murki – ~$ Sudo Apt Install Theory
DJ Body Double – Cold Blooded
Atrice – Thermal
Lia Catreux & SNKLS – Stolen Quartz
Talita Otović – I Wonder if He’s Dead
VIBRISSE – Kerokerosene
Orqualyzer – Greedfall

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