I’ve discovered JAGS on SoundCloud, his crazy, ultra-aggressive club edits and songs sound like Latin American club tracks straight from hell. Raw, industrial, post-apocalyptic – call it as you want. Why his music is so interesting? Perhaps that you can hear all the various influences like: salsa, reggaetón, “corridos tumbados”, cumbia, trap, techno and a lot of bass. Straight from Nezhaualcoyotl, State of Mexico, listen to our exclusive premiere of JAGS‘ track „ABUSO“ and read the interview with producer below.

You’ve said the track is apocalyptic like our world, we live these days. How do you think our world will be after coronavirus?

Nice question. Talking about society, in general, is uncertain and exciting since everything points to the fact that before the virus is controlled there will be political and economic events that will change the game even more in an unexpected direction, in the same way, that the coronavirus did; Now focusing on the creative field, I want to believe that it is a little clearer what will happen, in every significant update to the game a great artistic stimulus has been present, whatever the expression, and that is one of the most exciting possibilities of this situation.

Do you like some sci-fi, anime, or post-apocalyptic movies, series, or literature?

The truth is that I am not very nourished in those subjects, I am very interested in anime, movies and video games with that theme but until now the opportunity to consume them has not flowed. In literature, the same thing happens, I have not consumed so much material on that subject already that when I read a novel I always end up with my favorites Bukowsky, Burroughs or José Agustín, but I think they are not that far from some sci-fi story. Obviously there will not be the same scenarios but the rawness is not so different from the one in a Phillip K. Dick story. Decadence will always be there and it’s good to know it well, at least I think so.

What are you listening to these days, can you give us some tips for your favorite artists?

How you know varies depending on the day, but what I mainly consume is salsa, reggaetón, “corridos tumbados”, cumbia, trap, techno and a lot of bass. As for my favorite artists, I will focus on the ones that have influenced me lately and are: Dj Chedraui • Regal86 • Deeplinkin • Ruido LoFi • Abssys • Pseudo • Hamvre • Doble Tempo • Sisterybrother • Chico Sonido • TurboSonidero • NTFL • Tzusing • King DouDou • Gabber Modus Operandi.

Where are you right now, in which city and how was your day?

I’m in Nezhaualcoyotl, the State of Mexico right now. My day was dense, some days I’m going to a computer repair establishment and u can imagine the amount of work w this situation, now that the computer is the main work tool for more people, but the good point is that I’m at the chillin‘ mood. Bien Agustin Lara.

What is your city like, do you go out for walks often these days?

Neza is a heavy monster, I’m living at the limits w Mexico city, and my hood is pretty calmed compared w/ other areas of Neza. How I commented – some days going to work so maybe I go out about 4-5 days per week.

Do you like nature?

Of course, everything is a scale in this game and in nature it is easier to appreciate.


Text: Krištof Budke – – – – – – – – Follow JAGS on SoundCloud or Instagram 】


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