Sann Odea is an Amsterdam-based label that focuses on experimental electronic music for listening and dancing. Their style is characterized by abstract creative sounds that are put together in a grounded and accessible manner. With their bi-monthly show at Echobox Radio and multiple releases in the pipeline, the label continues to build a defined platform in Amsterdam for upcoming and local artists. We have covered their debut compilation in this article. Now, check out the new project Udys by jmoy.

jmoy is the musical alias of artist/designer Justin Moy. Influenced by his background in architecture, the Amsterdam-based producer draws analogies between spatial design and musical composition, seeking to tell imaginary spatial narratives through sound.

Justin studied architecture at TU Delft and graduated from MSc Arch in 2022. During his graduation project, he explored the architecture of nightclubs and the cultural importance of these spaces as places for imagining alternative worlds. jmoy applies these theories into his work. The music resulting from this is a sonic journey traveling through a sequence of imagined space, transitioning between interiors, exteriors, and the thresholds between them.

The first culmination of these sonic/spatial explorations is „Udys,“ jmoy’s debut EP. Short for Utopia/Dystopia, „Udys“ consists of four tracks, each envisioned as a narrative journey through an imaginary world. Atmospheric and rhythmic elements found within field recordings from his environments lay the foundation for each track.


1. Sentia
2. Rakami
3. Hybr
4. Euris

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