We are very happy to premiere the new single from the Tokyo-based audio-visual duo MIRA新伝統 (Honami Higuchi / Raphael Leray). Coming a few months after the release of brilliant Noumenal Eggs EP on Subtext Recordings (which explored sonic and visual theory-fiction around the notions of capitalocene and entropic catastrophes) „Symchthonia“ is a standalone single release.

It is an unapologetically epic and frenzy hymn to future symbiotic communities of earthly lifeforms as described by Donna J. Haraway in the „Camille Stories“, where groups of humans from all genders and ethnicities survive the coming world by establishing direct, symbiotic, and artificially reinforced co-dependencies with species facing extinction.

Since we wanted this short hymn to be rooted in our reality rather than ecstatic escapism or complaisant dystopia the composition is balanced between urban field recordings and synthetic sound design. Here exponential rhythms, howling voices, and pastoral instrumentals fight their way through overflowing sewers to eventually bloom in the open sky.

● The rusted plate on the „Symchthonia“ cover image comes from a performance/installation we presented at the East_East_ Tokyo Art Fair in February 2022, on the metallic plate is engraved a diagram by John B.Calhoun, illustrating the tensions and causal relationships between needs, conditions, and adaptations in social structures that he deducted from his mice utopia experiment „Universe 25“ which turned into chaos and extinction.

● „Universe 25“ is all too often used as a reactionary argument against collectivist and equalitarian approaches. Here however the rusted plate is pierced by a plant as a way to suggest that it may not have been the abundance and direct access to resources that eradicated the mice society, but rather the artificially forced isolation from the unpredictability of our ecosystem and its diversity.

[We are recommending a very interesting Discord channel (➜ invitation link) for a transdisciplinary exchange on the topic of post-anthropocene at the intersection of politics/culture/music/critical theory]

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