New Argentinian alternative electronic music label Sismo is presenting SISMO Vol. 2, a compilation featuring 12 tracks by producers from Argentina and Paraguay, in collaboration with the label and collective LPZ Records. We are very happy that we can premiere the single „Siempre“ by talented artists Oblinof (producer and new media artist) and producer, singer, and songwriter Morita Vargas.

“Experimental, techno, acid, and beyond. There is a persistent feeling through the compilation – a density, an eternal and multiple subterranean sounds. The order of the tracks marks a precise path, an infra beat that aligns the different genres and styles into a single substance: a powerful groove that invites us to dance with eyes closed, in a dark basement, out of the world. “ – Ilsa Wolf


01 – Cosmo Lopez – Future Nostalgia
02 – Betas – You Got Me
03 – Depuratumba – Bitch Pender
04 – Fast Ram – Nashua MF
05 – P. Lopez feat. Vera Brothers – Trap Inside
06 – ROOi – Insurrección
07 – SHPS – Unbroken
08 – SHPSHFT – Cold War II
09 – DJ Bocacerrada – Bailando En La Alcantarilla
10 – Brusleinn – R Nova
11 – MDDM – Morir Durmiendo
12 – Oblinof feat. Morita Vargas – Siempre

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