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artist: other islands
label: none (self-released) (Artist email: otherislandsmusic@gmail.com)
release: all else said / back yard (Website: www.otherislands.info)
release date: 4th May 2023
produced and mixed by other islands (Instagram: _otherislands)
mastered by Transition Mastering Studios

other islands (fka chapel) picks up from the recent street lit / bleachless with an EP of warped club hymns. Following support from the likes of object blue and AYA and guest mixes for Martha and Precious Metals, all else said / back yard recasts familiar sound system tools, set between tape-slowed jungle and dubbed-out 2-step.

SD: What was the process behind these 2 songs?

oi: The drums are sampled-based.
The bass and keys are software synths.
The vocals are chopped, pitched, and reversed samples of famous pop singers.
The sound design includes ASMR YouTube videos and field recordings from London and Mexico City.
Some of the processing is done through guitar pedals and an analog mixer.

SD: What inspired you to create them?

oi: Love of the music and sounds that make them up.
UK sound system culture, especially dub nights in Leeds (UK) like Subdub.
Time spent working with the experimental music producer Manny Rettinger in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Hearing new music and dancing at Mexico City underground parties with friends.
Walking in my neighborhood, Narvarte, and looking at trees and street signs.

SD: What emotions do the tracks invoke for you?

oi: Different emotions at different times. I’ll leave that one to the listener : – )

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