How To Respond To Turmoil [OMB001] is the name of the new 2-track EP by experimental and apocalyptic club DJ and producer personalbrand. Currently based in London after 3 years in the Taiwan scene, his productions mix up grime, garage and hardcore sounds into twisted new forms, exuding feelings of anthropocenal anxiety and post-future optimism. The release will be out on April 1st via Taiwan-based label Over My Body 跨 我 身 體. The producer also contributed to our second various artists compilation SWINE WORLD 22.

How To Respond To Turmoil is personalbrand’s attempt to use hard dance as a framework to deal with individual and global turbulence. It was created during a time of deteriorating mental health and following a scattershot binge of app-based ancient wisdom, YouTube motivational speakers, contradictory Quora advice, and self-care blogs. Over two tracks, personalbrand contemplates whether hard times require hard music. Can accelerated tempos and relentless drums soothe a sense of disorder, or just add to it?

On the first track „EMBRACE CHAOS“, hints of optimism creep out of anarchic competing melodies, frantic snares, and polyrhythmic percussion elements. You can listen to it now via our exclusive premiere:

The second „PURSUE PAIN“ delves further into the idea of accepting life’s difficulties. A disembodied digitized voice repeats a mantra-like phrase about internalized pain over pounding kicks and a hypnotic morphing synth.

● All tracks produced and mixed by personalbrand (Instagram)
● Mastering by B E N N (Instagram)
● Artwork by Ray/ Xtrux

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