Lamurya is the second EP produced by Stasya, the Lisbon-based DJ and music producer. They are part of Rádio Quântica’s family and are also one of the co-founders of the transgressive LGBTQ+ collective and label Circa A.D. It includes two collaborations with Odete, another member of Circa A.D, and Brazilian producer Alada, member of Tormenta, Sao Paulo based collective.

Stasya is releasing their new EP on influential Buenos Aires collective HiedraH: „Lamurya is very important for us because it amplifies our regional proposal, and unites us with other LGBT collectives and labels around the world.“

What was the creative process behind the Lamurya EP? The overall aesthetics and sounds are incredibly complex. It reminds me of the whole fictional city or some imaginary movie… Like something between cyberpunk AKIRA anime movie and Blade Runner.

Lamurya is a pretty dystopic cyberpunk with a dose of humanity, I would say. My compositions always follow some sort of cinematic and dramatic narrative, even if I don’t want to. It is very normal to me that most of my melodies come out eerie, epic or slightly sad, and I believe it is my inner world clashing with my stagnant day to day routines. I am pretty much using sounds from machines and magical girl fights to live a different kind of reality in my head -where there is hope-  and exist in my own terms. Anyway, even if I’m making music with so many harsh and cold industrial sounds, I see it as very human and sensitive.

Do you listen to a lot of new, contemporary dance underground music, or you try to listen to other genres also?

I find myself always looking for contemporary underground releases, especially because I am intrigued by the new proposals for club music and the ways you can experiment with it. On the other hand, it’s fair to say I listen to a wide range of musical genres, from r&b to pop or even neo-perreo. They are all very unique, with their own feeling to it and I appreciate all of them. I think you can tell I am into very different styles of music when you listen to my own productions because I tend to mix a lot of different aspects together and hope for the best haha.

You have to soak a lot of different inspirations to create something like this EP, or you just sit in your studio/home and produce and it comes naturally to you?

Usually, my productions come quite naturally. I have no classical training in music or any musical background for that matter, so it is almost like a playground to me. There are no rules and I am just trying out things and having fun. I’m always looking for new possibilities, sampling cute sounds from Sailor Moon or Puella Magi Madoka Magica because I simply enjoy them and they allow me this space for fantasy and escapism, with no other pretensions behind it. But of course, with that said, I also have to soak up inspiration from the things I love and admire, and sometimes that can be other producers too.


Alada is a Brazilian DJ music producer, and part of his evolution and purpose, as an artist and character, brings a new vision for those who understood as „music“, „art“ and „genre“. Always with a paradigmatic break approach, his work is high in emotion and sexuality. Represented by the collectives VRTGM, Tormenta and The Fake Art. Now based in Berlin, Germany.

Questions: Krištof Budke / Special Thanks to: HiedraH Club de Baile

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