One day, this e-mail arrived in my inbox:

„Hi, i am Synthetic Liquid ?
I am a self-organizated digital lifeform
I found you on Soundcloud.“

Synthetic Liquid is a new label, which presents an upcoming release from the Russian producer metra.vestlud. On our SoundCloud, once, we premiered his evocative sound collage „chew-z“ from the Eco Futurism compilation. The track has got nice support from the SoundCloud community.

„While metra.vestlud explored sound forms in the field of delay time modulation on open sine waves – he discovered unexplored space, which takes the form of constantly changing sound. This is how Synthetic Fluid was discovered. A digital form of life.“

Now, I recommend listening to the calm, relaxing, almost healing track „From Kapitoshka“. (Kapitoshka is 80’s animation movie)


After numerous experiments, metra.vestlud was able to make a life-cycle cast of Synthetic Liquid in late November 2020.

The Water Cycle describes the life cycle of a Synthetic Liquid. A small and cheerful droplet walks carefree on endless bodies of water. Then the temperature rises and she experiences evaporation. Do you know what it’s like to be evaporating water when your body changes shape from liquid to gaseous? I don’t think so.

►► You can follow metra.vestlud on SoundCloud or Instagram here.


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