We got to know about the new ROOi’s project via the Argentinian label Devagar Discos. They are focusing on electronic and diasporic club music from Latin America.

ROOi (Martin D’Alessadro) was raised in Córdoba, Argentina. He’s a professor of music who graduated from the Félix Garzón Conservatory in Córdoba. He was part of the JUIsJU DJ’s duo and founded the parties “Piel” and “Aarde” in Buenos Aires. He released his first EP Doble in 2016 on Discos Robar and continues to release singles and remixes through different labels such as Devagar Discos and AGVA Records – in which he is an active part.

In 2019, he was selected by the Der Musik Platz platform as one of the best young talents in Latin America’s underground scene. A practitioner of the Buddha’s teachings, the music of ROOi seeks in the forms, to get out of the form. His search does not stop and questions the structure that domesticates us. A way to always maintain the position of learner and teacher at the same time. Here and now.

Coyunturas EP

In the words of ROOi: “At the juncture of life, the infinite consciousness that inhabits us manifests itself as a stampede that follows us in the middle of the mountain. Immersed in chaos, the vision is the hollow of an old tree. Such is the revelation”. Coyunturas is a 4-track EP that shows the sonic maturity in the search for ROOi, where the club vibe still leaves room for an interior travel space.


Devagar Discos

Devagar is a netlabel founded in 2017, managed by Juan De Borbón and by DJ Karen. „We are one of the only labels in the region focused on afro diasporic electronic music. In our catalog, there is a lot of afro deep, afro house, and afro bass; very much in a club vibe. With the pandemic, we tried to change a bit our sound in a more dub and experimental direction; but always keeping a foot on black music. We also deleted our social media accounts, so we are only on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and streaming channels; but not on Facebook nor Instagram,“ Juan writes me via e-mail conversation.

Karen and Juan live in different cities in Argentina and their whole goal is to release music. „To share music and to help artists with a particular sound and intention. This release from ROOi is quite a joy for us. He is a friend, a great person and a gifted musician; so we’re very happy about it. Coyunturas will be out on May 17th,“ closes Juan.

● You can follow ROOi on Instagram or SoundCloud.

Devagar Discos are also on SoundCloud or Bancamp.

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