Elfy is a beautiful creature and a multidimensional artist from Buenos Aires. She’s recognizable for her distinctive graphic design, in which she presents her emotions and spirituality through abstract, magical ways. I’ve contacted her on Instagram and we did an interview about her work, spiritual stuff, the universe, and other interesting things.

Elfy also sent me a few songs that she likes, so you could chill with the playlist while you read!

First question – Introduce yourself quickly. What’s your name, how old are you, where do you live, what do you love to do?

My name is Milagros, I’m 28, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina right now 🙂 I love being in touch with nature, feeling and touching plants, trees, spending time alone in silence just listening to myself, cuddling with my cat, and SELF CARE. I’m a Taurus and I take this seriously, that’s the only way I can function in harmony.

feliz eclipse de luna llena 🙂

How would you describe your art to a complete stranger and what does the process of making your art look like?

Mhmmm, fairy cosmic vessel, starseed sketches, magical healing symbolism? Physical and ethereal dimensions coalescence creating wholeness and floods in my heart that need to be expressed? Or maybe just fantasy, I don’t know really… I guess I’m rediscovering it every time. 80% of my work is scanned and processed drawing, I like mixing everything. Lately, I’ve been opening my Akashic Records to channel symbols or shapes, this is something I’m still training tho… I also love scanning Crystals bc they contribute with their subtle and adorable vibe :)… I’m mutating every time but my Eye is always in evolution and the reflection of that, the positive footprint and legacy. I inhabited many destructive places in the past and art has been something that helped me a lot in the process of healing and reinventing myself. I’ve finally learned to let out the butterfly instead of the caterpillar and this way I feel I’m contributing to collective healing also 🙂

diving every corner of this universal chaos ♾ reaching crystal castles under the sea ???

What are your other hobbies? I think I saw you are also working on some accessories, jewelry, and clothes, right?

I love singing, making music, field recording, spending time with nature, climbing trees!!!! connecting with the beyond.. reading about metaphysics, dancing.. I also practice Crystal healing. Entering the oniric loops while sleeping is fun too. Accessories and jewelry and clothes were some projects I had in the past, accessories were with my soul sister avatar and it was to express some concept from that time (2019), but as I am really multifaceted and curious I’m always digging on something for a while until I get bored and then I start doing another thing 😛

When did you start making art? Do you study it?

I think my first pieces of art were when I was a kid with my sister making potions with leaves, dirt, and seeds haha. I always loved drawing in school when I didn’t want to be there and started using photoshop when I was 14, used to spend a lot of time editing pictures xd. The PS logo at that time was a precious blueish-green feather… I didn’t study art but a friend who saw my Tumblr page around 2013 took me to work on graphic design with him and taught me a lot!! A true blessing and to him I‘ll be forever thankful. Also as I said before, art was a true medicine and magic tool when I started to remember my Higher Self… Art can be medicine for the whole Universe, it is true Magic. Where we put our energy on, that is what we create, that is what we create for the whole planet. We have so much power…

cover for Fake Plants by @kristallo_028 ??

Where do you draw inspiration from?

The universe itself, how things function. Magic, biology; from the infinite etheric photon to the whole beautiful and divine nature we are part of. Patterns and weaves, anomalies… Multidimensions. Crystals. Galactic Beings, Humans, Healing powers. I’m a Universe enthusiast.

What music do you listen to?

A LOT of ambient. Experimental, trance. Celtic music, Hindu mantras, Latin American natives chants, and music, trap softies, beautiful singing stars like Björk, FKA twigs, Aurora, Eartheater. I love Shakira‚s first records, a big influence when I was a child…

I saw some of your cover art on Instagram. For who did you work for, and did you enjoy it?

I always enjoy working on covers, I’m really thankful for the artists that asked me for artworks bc their music is so beautiful!!! Reminds me resonance exists and is pure magic 🙂 Some of them were Kurama, Boshy, Ian Sweet for whom I did my first vinyl artwork, mixed drawings with digital. It was so fun. Maja, Inalco2222… I wish I could mention everyone because I’ve enjoyed all of them and all of them were special, from the artist to the process of doing it.

Artwork by Elfy, for the EP by INALCO2222, which we premiered on Swine Daily.

Your biggest dream?

That we all heal to the point the Earth is a safe place for every soul. Unity, Consciousness. To embody the expression of my Truth and Higher Self as much as I can, so I can share my best version and serve as an inspiration to others.

Interview: Natalie Kaincová

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