yibai (Dávid Gerlei) returns to Hungarian electronic music label EXILES with Hatch + Foster, a 20-minute EP exploring the fields of bass-heavy, dynamic ambient music with an interesting industrial touch. Following a brilliant piece Rianás and Force Quit (the latter released on Temporary Nites), this latest EP of his follows yibai’s journey into gritty, uncanny worlds where stuttering and rumbling effects, along with defined, leading melodies dominate these six tracks.

Looping swirls of sound introduce us to „Hatch“ – the rapid pulses implicate the birth of an organism, an entity that is yet to see the light of day. The track „Breadth“, which we are premiereing on our SoundCloud, follows with airy and misty horns and hard-hitting beats, accompanying a slow and graceful melody under several layers of swampy synths. Passing the torch on to „Mass“, the first moments indeed resemble the intensity of the previous track, but the cadencing flow quickly turns into a long, droney, dense material of steaming blackness.

➥ You can pre-order the EP via Bandcamp

The dramatic arc breaks in the middle with „Balm“. A distorted noise introduces the track, which then turns into menacing drones of sustained buzzes and retriggered gestures, building up slowly into a polyphonic chorus of wounded voices. It falls apart constantly, then tries again, and with the support of fragile, voice-like echoes it reaches a bridge to the final section of the EP.

Sudden bursts and carefully placed units of silence dominate the last two tracks of Hatch + Foster. The penultimate track, „Foster“ creates a harsh mixture of spry harps and the sound of a desperate scream. Piece by piece, it adds more and more unsettling elements with a defined pulse, turning the composition into a focused exercise of inhale and exhale. The EP arrives at the vibrant, glossy yet bitter leading melody of „Infra“, where the wandering main theme with a hectic sense of direction ends abruptly, leaving behind nothing but a stark and somber impression of yibai’s current ars poetica.

● text by Nemerov
● music by Dávid Gerlei
● mastered by Roland Nagy
● artwork by Adrienn Császár

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