(ENGLISH below) Po debutovom EP od českého Dreem Tran’s, rapovom tracku Dokkeytina “LXVE” a singlu Tante Elze pokračujeme v sérii Swine Daily Premiér. Tentokrát predstavujeme mysteriózneho novozélandského producenta L4-E z labelu Eco Futurism Corporation. O vizuál sa postaral „mimozemský“ umelec Gem Tree.

In 20XX ‚garbage theory‘ is all but confirmed. Exogenesis happened. Nobody can believe it. Communication with extraterrestrials cut since the Roswell debacle is restored, and humanity is deemed to have reached an adequate level of conscious development owed to construction of nature-integrated arcologies. ET offers future tech in exchange for return of crashed pilot remains. A new era of peace and unity emerges… for now.

Pre-order full album „Future Phaze“ by L4-E on Bandcamp <<

„Took inspiration from fellow collective members (tropical interface, Gem Tree, HERBARIUM – who appear also on this release), noting their refined use of mechanical and ecological sounds, which I wanted to shift into a deep and complex, almost braindance form to signal a movement beyond earth club patterns. The percussion particularly is layered and modulated so that four or five different sounds morph into one.“ — said L4-E.

Info: Eco Futurism Corporation

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