Pressure is the third EP from Parisian DJ and producer BJF. It follows Iridescent and Uprooted, released in 2020 and 2022. Check out our first premiere with the producer (club banger „Jump Riddim“) in the article.

BJF is a key member of the collective, label, and media platform Couvre x Chefs. As a producer, he has released original tracks on several record labels (Lowup, Egregore, XXIII, Sacrilejio Records, Météo) and a bunch of thoughtful edits. His productions have been played on Boiler Room, NTS, Rinse FM, Rinse France, BBC, Reprezent, Bruzz, and more. He has a perfect alternative club style combining electronic beats with multiple Latin American, dancehall, and Caribbean rhythms.


Artist Photo: BJF

Just months after the acclaimed Uprooted, BJF is back on the label arm of Couvre x Chefs with an explosive three-track EP ready to sweat clubs and shake festivals. Entitled Pressure, this one reinforces the style of BJF which he refines release after release: resolutely club percussive titles, punctuated with characteristic ad-libs, increasingly (re)worked vocals and sharp melodies. On the percussion side, the producer from Greater Paris finely selects cuts with precision and reassembles to the millimeter the boiling rhythms from the four corners of the planet. The result is by nature unclassifiable – post club, a hybrid club, or global club – but promises to make everyone agree on the dancefloors of Melbourne to Saõ Paulo via Paris or Berlin.

You can support the artist and Couvre x Chefs via Bandcamp.

You can follow BJF on SoundCloud or Instagram 

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