We are presenting a new project by the artistic duo Core Text (Peow Beow & Dlght). Their EP La lumi​è​re dans la boue is an interesting sound collage between ambient and experimental electronic music. The project will be out on November 20th via our favorite Paris-based label White Garden. We asked the duo and Dimitri from White Garden to tell us more about the project and collaboration.

We asked them what was the process behind the song Enquilose. What was the environment and studio? The project was created at night or day?

The process behind this EP was to blend together our respective styles as producers to a new identity: Core Text. We have been making music together and solos for years and this new alias is a way to get deeper into the way we collaborate and create soundscapes. More focus, more balance, and more honesty.

This track Enquilose is a workaround for stretching samples and creating hypnotic textures by slowing down synths sounds. The title „Enquilose“ refers to the moments in life when your body gets louder and can’t move anymore (just before you fall asleep or when you’re afraid for instance). This track means a lot to us because it was one of the firsts that we made for the tape, it was a sort of guideline or blueprint for us as we were working on and finishing the EP.

This track as many others on the tape was written at night at first (a quick sketch just to find the sounds and to get the vibe) and after that, the mixing and the structure of the track have been crafted by days and night sessions (editing, mixing, arrangement, adding details in sound design etc.) The environment for the track and for the rest of the EP is the same: DLGHT has been working in his studio in Paris and Peow Beow has been working in his studio in Montreuil. Through discussion about life and music, listening sessions and jams around the demos the artistic direction for the tape has been settled by the two of us together. The final curation, tracklisting, title have been finish thanks to the help and intervention of the White Garden label.

Peow Beow in his studio. Photo by seacmist.

For the visual, we just had the title ‘La lumière dans la boue’ which goes with the music and the desire to play with organic material as mud for the cover picture. Gracchus of White Garden felt the same and he started to create in his head a picture of mud, resin and light which led him to his friend sculptor and video maker lavierapid. lavierapid made the sculpture and the video for the tape, and Seb, Gracchus’s cousin, shot photographs of the sculpture.

And Dmitri: how did you find the duo and what do you like about this project and the artists? What struck your ear, why is their music interesting to you?

I met Peow first when I was searching for a venue to film a live session for one artist we are working with. A friend that I met at school told me to ask Peow. This friend, Lavender, is an artist of Abri Catalog (a label run by Peow, DLGHT, and Chancre). Peow and his friends from Totoro (a squat in the south suburbs of Paris that closed since) welcomed us for this occasion. Since then we have become way closer, sharing some music and moments, speaking about the fact of running independent labels, or just chatting about anything.

One day (at beginning of 2021 I think), Peow sent us a preview of this project which was already quite advanced. At the time I never met Dlght in person but I knew his music too. As soon as I listened to it, I loved this project.

Every time I was taking the bus to go to work from my village to Strasbourg, I was continuing my night by listening to this 15min long preview again and again.

I directly felt a strong connection with these sounds, like listening to them on a regular basis. This reminds me of something ambivalent, at the same time very urban but also organic, as if you were walking in a gloomy and gray corridor of the metro with sounds in your ears contemplating a little plant that weirdly succeeded to grow in this unwelcoming space.

Photo by seacmist.

I feel DLGHT and Peow Beow have so many projects going on and they are producing so many different things, different types of music. I love how versatile and open-minded they are.

In this project, I really love how these electronic sounds stretched and distorted can create such peaceful and resourcing music. I really make the connection with how sometimes, being so tired in a crowded place in Paris, I can still reach a zen state of mind thanks to music and contemplation of small details.

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