Digifae is the experimental electronic hyperpop project of Diana Starshine and Galen Tipton. After releasing their self-titled fantasy pop debut album, Digifae toured through Central Europe before returning to play on the West and East Coasts of the United States.

With their style varying from fantasy pop to hardcore dance, Digifae is pioneering their own path in the electronic hyperpop scene. Galen and Diana both have made strides in their own rights, with Galen Tipton’s “brainscratch” going viral on TikTok, along with their hyperpop classic banger “it’s love” nearing one million streams. The band hopes you enjoy the song „sunset on fire“, one of their poppiest dance tracks to date.


A catchy melodic hook just from the start of the song quickly evolves into hyperpop messy electronic tornado. Then, the rest of the song is just relaxed dancing vibes with a soft touch at the end. Excellent sound design and sonic texture.

The track is a part of the upcoming various artists‘ compilation Somebody Held Me Too Close by French label Last Love Records run by wonderful artists and DJs vendredear and LEGIT GIRL DJ. The multi-genre compilation will contain 22 tracks and will be out on March 24th. Be sure to follow Last Love Records on Instagram as well. Our previous Swine Premiere with the label is here.

 You can follow Digifae on Instagram and SoundCloud

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