Polish music platform and label Basy Tropikalne is a rare one. The collective was founded around 2015 in Warsaw, and it has been a radio show series, netlabel, and promoter of events. BT is dedicated to promoting independent electronic music from Latin America and Africa. We are big fans of the label, and (as Central European platforms) we interestingly share similar interests in modern underground music from Latin America.

„It has now become a tradition that DJ Doraemon, Portuguese producer of Cape Verdean descent, releases a new EP via Basy Tropikalne every three years,“ writes the label. „Since 2017 we have witnessed his growth from being considered a promising prodigy of the Lisbon scene to developing into an established act of the batida genre with appearances at the events hosted by the renowned Príncipe label (check out our interview with the label’s designer Márcio Matos) or being included in the „15 Lisbon artists you need to know about“ list on Resident Advisor. This year he carries on and delivers what seems like the most structured and coherent collection of songs to date.“

Across six tracks of the Raízes EP, DJ Doraemon attacks with full power and focuses solely on high BPM kuduro variations omitting the usual tarraxo interludes. We can hear the clear artistic vision of DJ Doraemon’s musical style, his highly percussive minimal and hypnotic approach. What remains unchanged though is his ability to introduce unexpected elements into the compositions as the saxophone makes its comeback (remember 2017’s „Saxo Beat„?) in „Lost Train“ whereas „Friendship“ pairs chopped-up vocal snippets with chiptune bleeps.

Elsewhere on the release the Miratejo-based artist alludes to two other Lisbon mainstays – the frenetic title track may recall some of the finest songs by DJ N.K. while marimba-fueled „Deusa Negra“ gives vibes of Dotorado Pro. If you are interested in exploring more of Portugal’s rich underground club scene, we’re recommending artists like DJ Nigga Fox, VANYFOX, Lokowat, or the collective of producers called Tia Maria Produções.

◆ You can find DJ Doraemon on SoundCloud or Instagram. Check out Basy Tropikalne here

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