Promesses Vol. 1 is the first compilation of the label – including 30 tracks by 40 different artists from all around the globe. Promesses’ founders built this release as their DJ sets with the aim of putting forward recent musical hybridizations from club anthems to ethereal interludes. „This compilation is a good testimony of the current label work. It will be out Friday in digital and limited edition cassette (pro-duplication with riso-printed cover),“ says the label.

From avantgarde remix boss estoc to abstract Loto Retina (Swine Daily fans could know from Genot Centre showcase at AFO Olomouc), from kuduro visionary DJ Lycox to french baile funk pioneer Amor Satyr. This compilation is a strong and massive statement from the Promesses and we can’t wait for the next projects. You can hear many different contemporary avant-garde club music subgenres. But overall, the aesthetics create a unique mood.

„Boas Lembranças“ by Paris-based DJ Lycox (Princípe records member), is one of my favorite songs. He’s effortlessly mixing influences of kuduro, batida, or tarraxinha with crazy twisted synth sounds.

„Sucio y Duro (Demo)“ by Buenos Aires-based artists DJ Sustancia and Sassyggirl is insane metal-reggaeton produced by club maestro EL PLVYBXY. When I told someone about underground reggaeton, and they can’t understand the term, this is music what I mean.

Here is the full list of the artists involved in the compilation: Alvva • Amor Satyr • Antoine 80 • Apulati Bien • Banshee • Boe Strummer • De Grandi • DJ BeBeDeRa • DJ Lycox • DJ Sustancia ft. Sassyggirl (prod. EL PLVYBXY) • DOUKKALA • err walou (prod. Alphonse Karr) • estoc ft. Miedo Total • Felix Lee • fetva • HAJJ • Heron Fischer • Jwles (prod. Mad Rey & V900) • Keiska • Kelman Duran • Loto Retina • Manuka Honey • Marcy Mane (prod. MRCHEEZL) • prise de risque (prod. Ezded) • Ragazza XXI • terrence reznik • tommy moisi • u o (prod. Tony Turbo & tumy) • Vica Pacheco • Yikii

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