As usual these days, we came across the relatively new label Audio Bambino through Instagram. Their cartoonish animated futuristic design immediately strikes our attention. Audio Bambino is a label and artist collective from Montreal focused on discovering and synthesizing possibilities in the realm of underground electronic music.

The label is founded on the excitement we share with encountering new styles and the impulse to embrace them in unity. All of the profits from our compilations are donated to a charitable cause: Hoodstock’s workshop “PROJECT S.T. ARTS.”, a music-oriented project that provides at-risk youth with a chance to create music in a professional studio environment

Having just released their first EP compilation (the first of several), the label is soon to release another on November 20th. „Our second release focuses on the darker side of contemporary underground trance/EDM, featuring: Himera, Exodia, Sienna Sleep, DJ Coldsteel, Penelope’s Fiance, and Sprælle.“ Check out our review of Sprælle’s debut project here.

„Releasing tension and creating it: SKUFF rules the dance floor. Mixing world-shattering anthems and sonic anxiety to deliver a relentless barrage to the steel and flesh that inhabits this night. Carbon, rubber, leather and rust mark the floor. Boots scraping across the metal as the melodies flow through the air. An ode to his namesake,“ writes Audio Bambino about its forthcoming project.

The concept behind Audio Bambino is our representation of the 3 Bambino characters ZAP, SKUFF, and GLOW. Our DJs and showrunners. Each compilation of the BAM series acts as another episode in the series. Another night in their world spinning some new tracks contributed by the artists of the AUIDO BAMBINO family. BAM-002 will contain tracks by @djhimera @3xod1a @sienna-sleep @djcoldsteel @doesnt-matter-11 @spraelle ✤ Also featuring trax from @dj-swisha, Carl Falk, and @strait_jacket_usa.

As a label we share each of these nights with our listeners. Burned to a disc immediately after the show, captured in time and uploaded across the net.

Follow Audio Bambino on SoundCloud + Instagram <3

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