Arriving on LOFS with an entrancing and tranquil 5-track ambient EP Halogen, Olson serenades the internal monologue with a mystical soundscape inducing the passenger into an unforgettable hallucination.

Previously making his mark in the dance music scene through emotionally tinged club-ready releases on Audio Bambino and Reel Long Overdub (featured in Madam X’s Resident Advisor Mix and I Hate Models’ Radio 1 Essential Mix), Olson is now drifting effortlessly into new realms with his prior release Dew Drop World on Interworld, marking his first foray into softer ambient biomes. This journey is now well underway, with his satellite navigation’s next stop firmly marked as Halogen.

You can listen to „Flourescence“ in a Swine Daily premiere and read a little interview with LOFS label below ☛

What are your plans with the label?

We’ve been massively blessed recently and have got ourselves a home studio which has given us a sanctuary-like space to create and formulate new ideas for sounds. We’ve all got different musical backgrounds as artists and fans which we’re taking full advantage of with releases combining elements from rap, club, hyperpop among other internet-influenced and post (insert genre name) sounds. We’ve also met some really talented people and have some mega-exciting releases coming up. This is just the start for us and we know we’re gonna take it far

When and how did It start?

Line:156 (LOFS) started in our first year of university when we started going out together. Inspired by insane sonic experiences we have ventured further down the rabbit hole of electronic music for the last 6 years, Via DJing, putting on nights, doing radio shows, and now in the last year, starting our label LOFS (InstagramBandcamp).

What music are we looking for?

For us, there’s no better time to be alive for music than right now. Technology and the internet have allowed for limitless cross-pollination of sounds, ideas, and creation techniques. We want our artists to have complete creative freedom through expressing these un-limitations and we want to be a home for that. A place where the forward-thinking, expertly crafted, dance floor-focused, conceptual experiments and silly edits sit together. We hope no one genre or word can define the label and we don’t want to box ourselves in. We want each release to be unique in its own right and fully represent the artists‘ intentions.

What is the visual aesthetic you are looking for?

We’re fortunate enough to have met and been surrounded by some uniquely creative + insanely talented people who now make up what we see as the extended LOFS family. We really love the idea of creating a network that is able to support and share their work alongside the label’s releases. The main releases on the label’s artwork and animations is done by Baitmoss and Bug sputnik. Their artwork mirrors the ethos of the label and the way that music is made through sampling. They physically draw and then proceed to distort and mangle on software, bringing out beautiful and enchanting freeform, geometric patterns. They kill it every time. We also do a lot of stuff in-house which gives us more creative control over the artwork. Shout out Josh Ainge for the type and asset design!

How did you discover Olson?

On a night out, a couple of us met eleu (watch out for her!) and her brother Olson, who makes incredible music. We are all really good friends now and put on nights together. Through this connection we’ve been updated with anything Olson (which is all really really really good) makes and are fortunate enough to be able to share this release with the world via LOFS).

Pre Order Halogen by Olson viaBandcamp

Tracklist ►
● Halogen
● Exodus
● M6 Mystics
● Planets Align Over BP Garage
● Fluorescence

The cover art was constructed by the London-based emerging artist Baitmoss (Ed Thurlow). Mastered by Dominic Clare @ Declared Sound, Leeds

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