Peruvian-born, Mexico City-based artist Lukrø release his 8th EP at the beginning of May a new approach to his last tracks. The album also released with Caballito Netlabel (Granada) is full of blessings (remixes) from the top producers of underground Latin music from countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, and also Spain. The list is full of big names like Tribilin Sound, Shushupe, POBVIO, PVSSY, CRRDR, Eurowitch and Madrid’s best secrets Kid Cala & CRKS290. Each one of them makes his unique twist and blend to make it more hard and fun for the club [Swine Daily invited Kid Cala to play the DJ set at Academia Film Olomouc 2018].

Now we are premiering Pobvio’s remix of the track „D After“ from Lukrø’s EP Riddims. Pobvio from Montevideo, Uruguay is a well-known artist in the underground Latin club music scene and has been working with artists like Six Sex, Neo Pistea, Franux BB, SOYTURISTA, and various Latin-American rappers and artists.

This EP is a remix EP from Lukrø’s last release Riddims and it comes in different versions and flavors to pick up your favorite. In this record, you can get good doses of Cumbia, Reggaeton, Club, and Electronic Dance Music. DJs and dancers you better get ready for the summer because it’s gonna get wild with these tracks on your USB.


This album comes at a special time for Lukrø and his label Matraca, one of the most versatile and forward-thinking bass music labels in Latin America, because it just turned 10 years and they are making it worldwide with a European tour to showcase their work with Lukrø leading his crew such artist like Dr.100, Qechuaboi and Vitu Valera. Confirmed tour dates in Europe so far:

● June
02 Barcelona @razzmatazz
09 Madrid @sirocco
29 Lisboa @musicbox

● July
07 Vienna @ghettorave
08 Berlin @metarave

▲ You can follow Pobvio, Lukrø and Caballito Netlabel

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