2 years ago, we interviewed a Berlin-based multitalented artist dvdv, who works with graphics, visual art, new media, and music, after she released a wonderful album What is the opposite of ambivalence. The incredible project took the artist nearly 7 years to finish, and she was recording the material between NYC, Tokyo, Beirut, Kuwait, Augsburg, Berlin, and Malaga. The 11-track – almost an hour of listening – project is unique in blending ambient, electronic music, field recording, experimental pop, and new avant-garde music.

We were chatting with Phyllis once about how interesting it would be to remix the songs. I remember suggesting Aid Kid, in the Czech alternative scene a well-known name, that might be a good fit for the project. After a long time, the dream came true, and Aid Kid remixed one song from the dvdv’s album.

Now you can listen to the „00023 Ghosts (Aid Kid Remix)“ in the exclusive Swine Premiere. The whole remix project called WITOOA RMXS (Compilation) is ready and you can listen to it on February 22 (official release date).


Here is the wonderful description of the project by Mohamed Abnaof:

„In the electronic space, a remix compilation is becoming an increasingly rare sight, let alone that of a genre as diverse and open as ‚Intelligent Dance Music‘. The ever-so-surprising Berlin-based renaissance artist dvdv pulls us once again- taking a further turn into places we didn’t know we needed to be. Where her 2021 album What Is The Opposite Of Ambivalence is a moody, ambient and abstract dip into a glitchy Post-club experience, this remix album is further testimony as to how open that record is to interpretation. Spearheaded by an off-the-walls Hard Drum opening track by Aid Kid, the remix of ‚Ghosts‘ leaves no question as to the solidly percussive and Warpian nature of this album. Expect almost everything you would want from an avante-garde remix record: a warm glitch record by underground genius Windowseeker, five-star breakcore bangers delivered by rhythm experts Isaka and Data Collaborate, further serene ambient deconstructions by Teegan and Remst8 and even a Trap verse from Jair, channeling a creative hip-hop prowess reminiscent of only the likes of Kanye West. Of course, this list is doing little service to what is going to be heard on such a beautiful release. Needless to say the experience set forth by dvdv is a showcase of the underground’s finest creators- to match the talents of dvdv herself. If one needs a break from the typical, ironic and banal, all one needs to do is seek out this heartfelt and no-nonsense journey, crafted by the best the electronic scene has to offer.“

Original dvdv’s song from the 2021 album:

✦ ✦ ✦

 You can follow Phyllis aka dvdv on SoundCloud + Instagram + Bandcamp 

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