We have already written about the compelling new label called raghoul from Casablanca, Morocco. It was their first various artists compilation, a 9-track project Crocodile Tears in a Reptilian World. The music collective is described as a „non-hierarchal multi-disciplinary label exploring bass-rooted cultures.“ After visiting their live event in the great Garage Noord venue in Amsterdam, we became instant fans of the label. You can check out our previous premiere of the track Ajarah by WULFFLUW.

Now the Moroccan label is set to drop its second release this year – the 10-track debut album of the Moroccan producer KIDIZDEY. The album named LKETMA is Saad El Baraka’s first release under the new alias of KIDIZDEY. The artist, who’s deeply rooted in the skate scene of Casablanca, is showing a side of him never seen before.

The project is heavily marked by Saad El Baraka’s musical upbringing with influences from Bebop, Jazz, and experimental hip-hop by artists like De La Soul, J Dilla, and Monk. Although influenced by overseas sounds, the album still feels unapologetically Moroccan, and not only because of the nifty use of samples and ancestral instrumentations.

Get to know more in a little interview we made with KIDIZDEY online.

• When did you start experimenting with music production?

I started making music in my childhood (10 years old) as a guitar player and piano player. Later during my teenage years, I started writing folk and pop, so music was a big part of my life as a composer and writer. It was later, during the COVID times that I officially started experimenting with electronic music and hip-hop. And the reason why? Because I felt bored and wanted to explore other horizons that were always inside me. It just came out naturally. And the second reason is that right before the pandemic I bought a SP 303 Dr. sampler and I started using it a lot and I found it so much fun.

• In the press release, it is said, that the tracks are deeply personal to you, and you didn’t want to release them. How do you feel now, when the music will be released to the world?

Yes, it was very intimate because first of all I never thought that someday I’m going to release an electronic music album. I was only experimenting. Alone in my studio, you know just making beats and having fun because I was sequencing the hardware the hardest way, but it was very entertaining for me. In 2021 I played some of my beats at an event in Rabat and people were vibing and dancing… then I thought that this project has a certain value, and it motivated me to go more and more into this music style. So now it will be my first release under the name of KIDIZDEY and introducing myself to the world makes me feel very vulnerable.


[ Text: Krištof Budke / You can follow KIDIZDEY and raghoul on Instagram ]

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