Lucidez Terminal – “20 canciones para acompañar la agonía global” or “20 songs to accompany global agony“ is the new compilation from Martirio – Chilean label and music collective. “Martirio is very happy to announce the first step of the collective’s new era. The energy invested into creating a community in Latin America, through the realization of physical and digital events, has now translated into our first release, a compilation completely birthed during quarantine that includes the participation of incredible artists from around the globe.”

Now, we are presenting you the dystopic dance song „Estrés“ by our favorite Buenos Aires-based Rattlesnakke and EL PLVYBXY. You can also read our interview with Rattlesnakke here.

If you are familiar with forward-thinking Latin American experimental music collectives like N.A.A.F.I, AGVA, Majía, Hiedrah Club de Baile, or Hypersonics, you should be aware of Martirio.

“From the debris of our unknown territories, Martirio invites its virtual friends to imagine strategies to inhabit the collapse: each track in this compilation composes an electric and fiery soundscape in which the anguish and nostalgia experienced during the confinement are singularly revealed. Lucidez Terminal, as the moment where bodies can feel several injections of vital energy before death, aims to be the soundtrack of that episode in which there is nothing left but dancing and screaming over the ashes.”

These 20 tracks are inspired by the concept of natural disasters. It is a manifesto for everything Martirio means: club music, distorted pop anthems, loud voices, and hard sounds that represent our chaotic Latin queer reality.


1. MAAY – La Muerte de la Tierra
2. JOVENDELAPERLA ft BERENICE – se siente en flor
3. um6ra – partido
4. Dianna Excel – Time Will Tell
5. Blame Venus – Whole New Page
6. Escorpio ft. D3L4N1X – La Tierra está Temblorosa
7. M8NSE – triste éxtasis
8. Serfico – DESTELLO
9. Serialtila – Fábricas vigiladas
10. Sisterybroster – I Love Pollution
11. Rattlesnakke ft. EL PLVYBXY – ESTRÉS
12. Beatrix Weapons – REACTIVACIÓN
13. Brea – Muerte a escala industrial
14. Candie – Gran Amor
15. 7777 の天使 – Sunset feathers
16. P0brediabla – take me where the rain won’t hurt
17. Syntrovert – Lágrimas
18. Miss Jay – could have been
19. Pobvio – Húm
20. Rivers Z – No Signal

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