AGVA Records is a music collective and netlabel founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2015. They are focused on Latin American dance rhythms and in the constant search of the freshest club sounds coming from the southern ghettos. Agva has been releasing music since then and running a monthly party and a radio show. We already talked about them in the article about Chlo, Rattlesnakke, or Medix Cielx fka Suckie.

Now, thanks to our exclusive premiere, you can listen to the track „Flux0“ by one of the most important Brazilian experimental club music producers JLZ (João Luiz), based in Brasília (capital). JLZ is on our radar for a long time and we are very happy to present his new track. (Also check out his Boiler Room set)

The track builds slowly, with artwork reminding volcanic dark planet, creating haunting atmosphere. Then cybernetic baile funk rhythm pattern emerges, and this is JLZ as its best.

„Flux0“ is from the AGVA’s new massive 30+ tracks compilation called ARENA 002, where they aim to „highlight the key artists of the current sudamerican club sounds, as well as from other parts of the world.“

The saga called “Arena“ is a compilation of sounds emerging from the dance music environment especially focused in the ethnic and autochthonous accents, along with its rhythmic affections and technological resources of the new decade.

The first part, Arena 001, was released in 2015, and after 5 years the second edition of the V/A sudaka club megapack is coming, featuring club legends such as Lao (N.A.A.F.I., Mexico), Dengue Dengue Dengue (Discos Kebrada, Peru), Catnapp (Monkeytown Records, Argentina/Germany), Orieta Chrem (Peru), Bungalovv (Trrueno, Argentina), Endgame (Precious Metals, UK) and many more.


01. Jaijiu – Los hijos de Juan Saavedra
02. Orieta Chrem – Cuchillo y sal
03. Morita Vargas – Espuma
04. CHLO – Reflejo
05. JLZ – Flux0
06. LAO – No despiertas nunca
07. O.L.I.V.I.A x ASTROSUKA – Trampa
08. EL PLVYBXY – Tu y yo con tu amigue
09. Catnapp – Losing my mind
10. Slav Zimm – Crisis
11. MAGA – Alo Donk
13. Rattlesnakke – Disturbio Inusual
14. Syn – Loophole
15. Bungalovv – Araucaria
16. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Dooraw
17. Ozomatecuhtli – Teotihuacanos
18. Krxnx – Gurdjieff
19. YA1000 – Abducción
21. Defensa – Peixe
22. Abssys – Me siento al día ft. Flavia Sustancia
23. Rooi – Bacanal
24. Ovid – Selay
25. WULFFLUW XCIV – Polyurethane
26. Tobey – Naturaleza Moderna
27. Pobvio – Faint Drums
28. NTFL – No Vida
29. Joao Lagrima de Ouro – Guarania Tribal
30. Doxxed – Perecedero
31. YOTO – Zaramostra
32. Parzubanil ft. Kotrina – Liquid
33. MAJA – Xereca Tool
34. Santa Muerte – Ikonika – Shovel (Edit)
35. NIQT – Infinitud
36. Thissperso – Muñeketa Sensual
37. Medix Cielx – Agua viva
38. El irrealveintiuno – Cierto Rencor
39. Syntrovert ft. Sassyggirl – Ya No

* AGVA Records, special thanks to EL PLVYBXY

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