Once we have premiered the song with Tokyo-based label and audio-visual collective Mizuha 罔象. It was beautiful ambient/trance composition by Spanish producer Hugo Calcio (you can read it here). Now, we are very happy to collaborate with the Japanese forward-thinking label once again. Exstasis is the name of the new EP by mysterious producer Azrel (not to be mistaken with Azrael, the angel of death from Islam and Christian religions).

Exstasis explores the relationship between the natural and synthetic. Breaking down the boundaries of life and robotics, its rich ambient textures and natural atmospheres are woven together with icy electronic leads and robotic melodies. ‘Extasis’ conjures up overwhelming emotional waves in chaotic trance soundscapes that are given space to breathe in the air of stripped-back naturalistic ambiance. The album and its cover art explore the threshold of spirit and technology, creating an abstract convergence of the two and exploring what it means to connect with nature in a mechanical world. The wonderful dreamy artwork by Simon illustrates the mood of the song just perfectly.


「Exstasis」は、天然と合成の関係を探ります。生命とロボット工学の境界を打ち破り、その豊かなアンビエントテクスチャと自然な雰囲気が、氷のようなエレクトロニックリードとロボットのメロディーと共に織り込まれています。「Extasis」は、削ぎ落とされた自然主義的な雰囲気の中で息をする空間を与えられた混沌としたトランスサウンドスケープの中で、圧倒的な感情の波を呼び起こします。アルバムとそのカバー アートは、スピリットとテクノロジーの境界を探り、2 つの抽象的な収束を生み出し、機械的な世界で自然とつながることの意味を探っています。

➜ You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp

∎ Produced by Azrel
∎ Mastered by Wim Dehaen
∎ Artwork by simon

We recommend also the 21-track compilation Biosphere by the Mizuha collective.

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 You can follow Mizhua on Instagram or SoundCloud / Azrel is on Instagram too ⬋

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