I firstly discovered London-based vocalist and rapper Yayoyanoh through my friend, rapper and artist Trashbag Face. He showed me his recent EP Pariah (2020). It was an abstract trippy rap/alternative pop, uniquely combined with guitar sounds in wavy dancehall rhythm. I like the most track „Upside Down“ produced by Woesum, who is collaborating frequently with the artist.


Now, the label Precious Metals led by brilliant DJ and producer Endgame [read our interview] sent us an email about the upcoming Yayoyanoh’s album. The project called Yayoyanoh contains 14 songs, produced by artists like Woesum (Year0001), well-known DJ and producer Dinamarca, Drain Gang affiliate Whitearmor and others. As his first EP001 on Bala Club (which specializes on more heavy Latin American rhythms combined with industrial or metal) Yayoyanoh is developing a unique mixture of softer wavy trap music with positive electronic sounds and dancehall-inspired rhythms.

„Lonely Bird“ which we have the honor of premiering right now is the perfect example of his developed new sound. The track captures the feeling of the whole album. Thematically the album reflects his journey, with lyrics that divulge heart-breaks of the past and heart-felt hopes of the future. Pairing with Swedish-Chilean Dinamarca is absolutely ideal with Yayoyanoh’s flow. Badgyal, La Zowi, Yung Beef, Sega Bodega or Oli XL would be also ideal for featuring his music.

【 Pre-order the Yayoyanoh’s album via Precious Metals Bandcamp page. You can also follow him and Precious Metals on Instagram 】

Text: Krištof Budke / Special Thanks: Henry from Precious Metals

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