We are premiering the new single „Corsodromo“ by Argentinian artist and producer Remiseria Temperley. The album ZANGOLOTEOS will be available on November 9th via Volquete. We are fans of Remisería’s crazy percussive tracks since we discovered him via SoundCloud. If you like experimental percussive rhythms of Latin America, and artists like Lechuga Zafiro, Jaijiu, Negroso, El Plvybxy or more, you should try Remiseria Temperley.

Exclusively, you can also watch the live performance of „Corsodromo“ here:

This year I became obsessed with the old and new ternary rhythms of South America. Traditional like the chacarera and modern like the mandelao. I produced the tracks limiting myself to not having the quarter note kick predominate to achieve a rhythm that refers to those ternary rhythms that come out of the binary system that is generally heard in electronic music.

I mixed and mastered everything myself (except for the last track of the album which was done by Luiza, a producer who has taught me everything I know about Ableton).

I mastered the album with the native Ableton plugin „Glue Compressor“, a tool I learned about thanks to a producer friend I greatly admire, Jaijiu. It should be noted that this year I started percussion classes with Jose Cerutti which helped me begin to imagine what these digital malambos would be like in my productions.

Regarding this new live set modality that can be seen in the video, it was trying to show my music live differently than a regular DJ set. This is how the incorporation of drummer Trinidad Bianchet came about. For this format, I took as a reference some projects that I have been following for several years such as HHY & The Kampala Unit, Lechuga Zafiro and Proyecto Gomez Casa.

✦ You can follow Remiseria Temperley on Instagram / SoundCloud / Volquete is on Instagram as well ✦

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