Buenos Aires-based producer Remisería Temperley made his 2021 LP debut with Grupo Vocal Roña (you can listen here) already showcasing from the beginning a style both personal and experimental, under the criollo overtones of chacareras, candomble and batucadas. Remisería’s style is very unique, hard-hitting and intensive. If you are not familiar with Latin American music styles, and experimental, underground club music, you might not be ready for it. But when you enjoy innovative and interesting rhythms and hard club bangers, you will be amazed by his production. (You can start with his SoundCloud).

Besides his singles, he also released GARZO EP with Rawa Club, appeared in Esquirlas II by HiedraH Club de Baile and it’s also a member of the label/party Volquete. Trying to stretch the extremes of hardness in chacareras (zangoloteo) or to accentuate the treble of salsa, Remisería enters Santa Sede’s catalog with its new EP joined by the destructive beats of Nafftero and a beastly flip by Jaijiu.

We asked the producer about his love for percussions and his creative process.

RT: „Yes, I started practicing percussion this year, but all my life I’ve always liked the strong beats, the resonant beats. On this EP I tried to use mostly old percussion samples and sounds. After listening to chacarera and getting interested in that genre I came up with a sound that I like to call „zangoloteo„. What I’m looking for is to accentuate the many forms of ternary rhythms. I also tried to deepen the search in the trumpets of salsa.

About the collaboration with other producers on the EP.

RT:Nafftero and Jaijiu are two of my favorite producers at the moment, especially taking into account my current search. I proposed an idea for them to take and do what they wanted. So yes, it was a mutual collaboration. As to whether I think the tracks are meant to be heard at the party or if they are „pure self-expression“, I think it’s a bit of both.“

What are some of the producer’s inspirations and favorite artists?

RT: „About my references, you could say they are all over the place. I like this question a lot and I can quickly mention the ones that come to my mind right now. La Hiedrah Club de Baile, Luiza y Floma, Lechuga Zafiro, Jaijiu y Nafftero again, Tayhana, Drexciya, J Dilla, Automail, Domingo Cura, Fiesta La Cura, El canal de Felipe Pinto (tango y folklore) en Youtube and I could go on and on.“


● VUELTA Y VUELTA (feat. Nafftero)
● BOLICHE (Jaijiu Remix)

Produced by Remisería Temperley
Mastering by Beta Canseco
Artwork by Gregorio Nash
Photo by Patricio Toscano

Swine Daily | Santa Sede

Lietavská Svinná / Buenos Aires, 2023

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