Santa Sede is a Buenos Aires-based collective that seeks to find a balance between mainstream music, danceable conspiracy and sound experimentation. A synthetic triad that disturbs urban genres in order not to destroy but rather expand them,“ explains JM Croce from the label.

A record label with a hyper-regional poetic, a fusion born in three points of Argentina (Río Grande, Quilmes and Buenos Aires). This musical union arises during the beginning of the world pandemic of 2020, starting from a contextual need. Facing the indetermination of our times with an indetermination in the musical sense. An epic and multidimensional narrative that expands from one of the southern points of the globe, crossing through the suburbs and all the way to northern lands,“ says Santa Sede.


バイレファンキかけ子 (or „BAILEFUNK KAKEKO“) is the alias of DJののの, a Japan-based DJ and music producer with a career spanning more than a decade, who has focused mostly on Brazilian Funk since 2019. Some of her works include brilliant albums and compilations like TóquioBug (2020) and ToquioBugCompilation (2021) (recommended). DJののの also released many mixtapes, DJ sets and edits for various artists and platforms. Follow her work on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Her track „Sirogane“ is a wild mix of reggaetón, Brazilian funky, rave, and techno combined with experimental elements. It’s based on the concept of “resisting the distance”, built upon an image of running at an incredible speed. The track was created with the idea of removing actual distance and social constraints through her music. It’s extreme, full of joy, and we love it!

ANARKXBELLAKX Vol. 1 – Santa Sede’s first various artist’s compilation is based on the concepts of anarchy and erotism, a project that represents a musical juxtaposition where different genres, in their goal to remain current, seek a comeback to their roots in a melancholic but upgradeable gesture.

Some of Santa Sede’s upcoming releases for the year 2022 include two EPs by Argentinian producer Jaijiu (check out our article), experimental Mexican producer VENVSDAD, and a full-length album by singer and producer Eurowitch following the release of his two 2020 singles “Cómo Lucho (feat. Ayo Tamz)” and “Gato”.


1. Vacio Sur – Anarkx [86 bpm]
2. TEENANGEL – Katana [130 bpm]
3. バイレファンキかけ子 – Sirogane [167 bpm]
4. Erótica Castro – Riki X.A.T [100 bpm]
5. NTFL – Seiya [107 bpm]
6. Rasenk – Reseteo Bitch [112 bpm]
7. Lou Kessler – The Politics of Skin [130 bpm]
8. Sandunga – Santa Cruz [102 bpm]
9. Beta Canseco – Jadea [100 bpm]
10. PVSSY – Paganx [100 bpm]
11. Driado – Hierofanía (desquiciada) [120 bpm]
12. Frau Moto – I Woke Up Like 226 Codename Napalm [140 bpm]
13. Adeller – Luz de Sol [87 bpm]
14. Beatrix Weapons – Caída Celestial [120 bpm]
15. Nafftero – Vamo’hacerlo [150 bpm]
16. Malo2k – Se Escaman [170 bpm]
17. Rivers Z – Fanática Hardstyle [150 bpm]
18. JM Croce – Bellakx [100 bpm]

Mastering by Nicolás Savastano + Artwork by ElHombreDeMimbre + Photo by Ali Ce

Text: Krištof Budke, Santa Sede

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