Ear Flux is the new label formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We knew Sanjonas & Mahamboro from their previous collaboration with the label SOFT/BRUTE. Now, they are presenting the debut project of talented producer called BHKT (Bhakti Prasetyo).

Retaww refers to BHKT’s hunting and gathering era. An album that propels us into a vast land of chaos, brutality, ecstatic and blunt. It’s obvious how BHKT pushes the boundaries of structure in his music, challenging the listener to think freely. We chose the track „Lantak“ for its interesting and complex structure, hard-hitting percussions and brilliant sound design, which in overall sounds like a song from digital hell.

Short interview with Ear Flux founders below premiere ↷

I’ve noticed that Ear Flux Records, the new label from Yogyakarta, Indonesia is based around Post Party Syndroma and Brrrz Studio. Please can you explain a little bit more about how and who started the label?

So it began when Post Party Syndroma from an archive platform wanted to grow as a hub, and Brrrz Studio which also focused on archiving the experimental-electronic music scene, both have ideas to create a record label and needed a partner. As well as the fact that we (Sanjonas & Mahamboro) are well acquainted and working together before in SOFT/BRUTE Records. Then, we created Ear Flux Records as a fusion like Goku and Vegetta.

How do you find BHKT and what is interesting and unique for you about his music?

We know BHKT also for a long time, he is a bass player for Zoo, an experimental tribal band from Yogyakarta. We played together sometimes like at Jogja Noise Bombing Festival, Rumble, or KOMBO.Lab, etc. And when he played his solo electronic for the first time in Tap House, Yogyakarta we immediately fell in love, and Sanjonas said „This guy should be our first release!“. He got the energy, craziness and his fast percussive set us in trance. That’s how we offer him to be our first kickstarting.

How is the current scene in Yogyakarta around experimental music? Are there a lot of new artists and exciting club series? Is there a space for the community, where artists can talk, play, and exchange ideas?

Yes, Absolutely! Yogyakarta is really well known for its experimental scene and its also known because it’s like a melting pot. So lots of fine art, contemporary art and musicians hanging out in galleries, collective houses or even small bars, so that’s lots of new intersecting ideas born. Club series that does experimental music are Bast Cultura with Temple of Bast, Yes No Wave with Yes No Klub, Brrrz Studio x Gerpfast x The Weekend Noise with Cabott... And Post Party Syndroma also did a party series called Introvert Club. But we gave 30-40% portion of experimental/live artists so it’s more like an ear-type education for audiences. Because mostly, Introvert Club audiences are common party-goers, youngsters and random people. And because in Yogyakarta most people know each other so we prefer helping each other with projects and programs.

What are your plans for the year 2023 and what are some of your biggest dreams in general?

Our plans for 2023 include releasing the music, holding workshops for beginners and advanced, and becoming a sustainable record label. However, our primary goal is to combine electronic dance music producers with noise artists and experimental artists or even visual artists that we curate through collaboration. We hope we can make this type of music a new scene, and We hope we can bring all friends with different backgrounds to work together on this „Ear Flux“ project.


You can follow Ear Flux on Instagram or support via Bandcamp 

Text: Krištof Budke

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