Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cimarrón is a producer and sound artist who creates hyper-contemporary, genre-fluid compositions that blur the boundaries between experimental club music and Latin rhythms. His debut EP Sin Cara, Sin Nombre [NODO label] narrated a liberating process of profound inner change through heartbreaking yet euphoric club beats. His second project, Rubí/Zafíro, is in a sense a continuation of Sin Cara, Sin Nombre.

The project will be out on a new label Post World of our friend personalbrand, who contributed to our Swine World 22 compilation. The new musical platform is described as an „evolving decentralised label concept based on the values of empathy, humility, and community. A hub for an expanding network of neoteric artists to connect and collaborate, to be inspired, and to support one another. No gatekeepers, no hierarchies, no ownership, no alienation.“

On this new project, Cimarrón delves deeper into a club-focused sound, offering stomping drums over harsh euphoric synth leads, without compromising his experimental approach to sound design or his Latino influence. Yet in another sense, it is a great departure. In contrast to the at times gloomy mood of his debut, this new EP celebrates the bliss of expressing oneself, in a cheerful and exciting way. In the track Rubí we can hear the unique mixture of all these elements and inspirations.

You can find Cimarrón on Instagram

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