Promesses is the name of one of the most interesting forward-thinking alternative labels coming up from Paris, France. It’s also the name of the DJ duo, who hosts their regular show at Rinse France radio. The aim of this release is again (as was with the first compilation) to push the boundaries of experimental club and bass music.

Sébastien Forrester


„Promesses Vol. 2 is their second label compilation of including 30 tracks by 44 different artists from all around the globe. This release is built as a long cinematic journey composed of eclectic chapters from ethereal ballads to epic anthems. Promesses Vol. 2 is a good testimony of the current label work. It will be out on the 8th of April in digital and limited edition cassette (pro duplication with riso-printed cover),“ writes the duo.

The „line-up“ of this compilation is the perfect club night or even festival for us. From progressive electronic experiments of Color Plus, right to Yung Beef, Spanish trap legend. We can find here Argentinian artist MAGA, vogue-dance music BEARCAT, reggaeton DJ and producer Clara!, Brazilian JLZ, Brodinski with Modulaw, enchanted lands (in Czechia known from Genot Centre), Sassyggirl and Slikback in collaboration with Sébastien Forrester.

Here is the full list of the artists:

AKA AFK & T9 RJ (prod. Amor Satyr) • Apulati Bien • BEARCAT • Beatrix Weapons • Bertram K. Bak • Brodinski & Modulaw • Clara! (prod. Tera Octe) • Color Plus • Elmoe • Evanora:Unlimited (HiHelga Remix) • enchanted lands • eydn • Feadz • Gaspar Claus & Samos • HNRO • Kanti ft. JLZ • Loto Retina • MAGA • Negro Dinero • Oï les Ox • Ragazza XXI • Ronce • Sassyggirl (prod. EL PLVYBXY) • Slikback & Sébastien Forrester • tommy moisy (prod. abel31) • u o (prod. neophron) • winnterzuko (prod. Neil) • XOLOT • Ytem & De Grandi • Yung Beef (prod. abel31)

Pre-Order via Bandcamp / Follow Promesses on Instagram

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