Po debutovom EP od českého Dreem Tran’s, rapovom tracku Dokkeytina „LXVE“ a singlu Tante Elze pokračujeme v sérii Swine Daily Premiér. Vypočuj si klubový track od producenta a DJ-a menom TUCO. Pôvodom z Anglicka, Jonathan momentálne žije v Prahe a stará sa o label Meanbucket

1) The track „F-ck Dat“ is a club song, but it has some sort of chill / relax vibe (mixture of groovy kicks and relaxed vocal samples like “roll it up”, “f-ck dat”). How and when did you create the song? While listening to it, I sense a specific stress releasing atmosphere… this was your intention?

No, actually I was probably feeling pretty positive, generally that’s the case if I’m working on tracks. The sample is from a Lissie’s cover of „Pursuit Of Happiness“ by Kid Cudi, I was just chopping it up and took it out of context so that’s why it sounded a bit moody!


2) This song is some kind of a teaser for your upcoming project? Are you preparing an EP or album?

Kind of yeah, I had a lot of stuff floating around for different things, it was originally going to be for a compilation but the whole thing fell through, so I decided to give it away because I still like what I did with it and it’s a bit different to my usual edits/tracks.

I do have an EP dropping soon with my cousin Allmostt on the Finnish label Top Billin‘, it’s finished we are just waiting for the label to set a release date.

3) I guess you are more a DJ so you’re working more with mixes. Is creating a whole song more complicated process for you?

Yeah I kind of fell into production lately after DJing for years and years. My bro installed ableton on my laptop years before I even opened it but I was always a „true skool it has to be made on an MPC guy“  then I discovered some of my favourite producers were using fruity loops so I was just like „fuck it“ and started making a couple of edits/dj tools not really thinking about it then people started asking for remixes and stuff. I’m not really musical and I still am definitely a dj first and foremost everything I make is with the intention of playing out. Somehow all of my early edits are on VK (laughs).

4) Which 3 music artists are you currently listening to?

Hard question, there are so many it’s hard to narrow down, more locally in Czech & Slovak  scene FVLCRVM, Dreem Tran’s and SBSTRD are currently killing it.

5) What do you think about club culture in Prague nowadays? Is there a lot of clubs and quality party series that you like? What is missing?

It’s way better than it was, but still goes in waves… I was really bored and hating on the whole techno revival thing, but I think it had a positive influence on the whole thing and has given a lot back to the scene, people seem more willing to experiment with warehouse spaces, now you can throw mainstream rap parties in unused discoteques and shit which was unthinkable a few years ago. It also changed people’s whole perception of what going to a club is about, they used to turn up for the headliner then leave straight after, that’s not really the case anymore.

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Questions: Krištof Budke

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