We’ve received an email from a New York-based artist called ANNIHIL, who is presenting the new EP called NO LIMIT, which will be released on USB and Cassette via the artist’s own imprint HEADLOCK. The artist told us that Axine M recommended our platform so I was curious right away. After listening to all the songs, the decision to make a premiere on Swine Daily was very easy.

ANNIHIL’s project is an interesting mix of noise, experimental, ambient, techno, and industrial. It sounds like a punk band had a raw improvisation on modular synthesizers. The broken dark beats are accompanied by dreamy repetitive vocals. The whole raw, punchy atmosphere would make a perfect live concert. If you like the production of JPEGMAFIA, Ho99o9, you should definitely try the music by ANNIHIL. Some of the tracks also reminded me of the musical atmosphere of Sadaf.

Your music sounds very lively. How did you record „NO LIMIT“, it was some kind of a live session of experimenting?

Thank you! I work a lot with synthesis right now, using a combination of hardware and software. I think I am a performer first before I am a producer, so a lot of my tracks come to life as I am preparing them to be played live. The recording and arranging process usually comes to me later, after I have a groove of performing them live. I’m really happy you are able to hear that in the recordings.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration and your emotions behind this project? Did you want to create some specific story with this EP, or convey some specific emotions?

This EP is a story about grief in the loss of innocence and joy in the reclamation of self, so it’s meant to be listened to chronologically. I have been sitting on it for quite some time because it’s very vulnerable work, and I am of the belief that once I release music it no longer really belongs to me, so it took me some time to part with it. It’s yours now, so it might hold some other story for you, the listener, about something completely separate from what it means to me.

Foto credit: @bigfuckinbug

„NO LIMIT“ is going to be released on your own imprint HEADLOCK. Can you tell us more about it, do you have some plans for the future? What kind of genres and styles are you looking for?

My work is not particularly genre-bound, so it was difficult for me to imagine who I was going to work with to release this project. Making my own imprint just seemed easier for this window in time… it’s really just a custom fit for myself at this moment.

Are you talking about your music with other artists/friends? Do you find important feedback from your friends? Can you recommend us some of your favorite artists?

My friends and I are obsessively and constantly discussing each other’s music, of course. Actually, my friend Maxine (Axine M) who is an incredible producer and artist that I have been friends with for a decade, mixed this album. She once suggested to me that I make a live recording of my work to capture the energy that comes through when I perform, which is why the last track on the EP is a live mix of Weightlesss, more like the way I play it in front of an audience.

NO LIMIT is currently available for pre-order on USB, which will include two remixes by my dear friend Neuter who is an incredible noise artist and producer. We are currently on tour together in the U.S. as I am typing this. Her stuff is great, she also plays in a noise band called Many Many Girls that are out of this world.

Check out the Instagram and artist’s official website here / Text: Krištof Budke

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