personalbrand is a British music producer and DJ based in Bangkog, Thailand interested in „exploring sonic metamodernism“. He released his debut EP Shared Unrealities (2021) via TAR, a well-known underground experimental music label based in Los Angeles. Since then, he was very active in producing his own music and establishing a new label with a striking musical and visual identity called Postworld.

[Our first article about personalbrand was with the premiere of his track „9Grand“ in 2021 and a year later with his EP How To Respond To Turmoil released on Taipei-based label and collective Over My Body 跨 我 身 體]

Postworld has released its first 4-track EP Nobody Owns The Future by various artists in the July of 2022. The collective named itself as an evolving decentralised label concept and a hub for an expanding network of neoteric artists. After innovative and very interesting futuristic projects by lloydfears, Cimarrón, Beatrix Weapons, Mente3000, and MODULE, Postworld announced their latest, and biggest compilation yet. 9-track EP will be called GLOBAL METANOIA (you can pre-order via Bandcamp) and will feature artists like SUTA, Beatrix Weapons, Die In Polar, EXTRaBLOOD and others.

The label said in the official text: „No more dystopias, please. The end of the world has been a prevailing theme of so much club music in recent years. On GLOBAL METANOIA, 10 artists choose instead to explore how an injection of hope might lead to something far more radical,“ and pushing the limits of the club scene in the new unexplored territories.

We were delighted with an opportunity to collaborate with personalbrand’s label once again for a Swine Premiere. We agreed on the track „Hatching Of A Fragile Tear Droplet“ by a mysterious Hungarian artist called SUTA. SUTA is a one-man band emerging from an inglorious spot of the Hungarian lowlands: Talfaja. His music is influenced by the innocent playfulness and repetitive melodic attributes of the early 2010s EDM scene, SUTA binds these features with obscure textures and diverse sound layers.


The Prison Card

We also received this image from SUTA regarding the premiere. We asked what the four symbols mean. He responds that it’s a tarot card and the four symbols mark: Capricorn/Aquarius, Saturn/Uranus. It’s called the prison card, as far as he knows and he identifies his art with the reading.

„It carries with it a sense of isolation, whether it is a sense of confinement and restraint against your own free will or one that you have brought about yourself through self-consciousness, self-imposed limitations, and series of bad life choices. Be it as it may, something is holding you back. Prison can also be a card of family secrets, hidden and forbidden places or things being off limits. Its difficult yet timid nature is best assigned to the constellation of Capricorn. Health-wise, it points towards complaints caused by mental and physical blockages but also lymphatic dysfunction, circulatory disorders, and skin diseases. Making music is something of a self-reflective process for me that comes with the struggle of reality checks and ego deaths.“

● Follow SUTA on (InstagramSoundCloud)
● Mastering by personalbrand (Instagram)
● Artwork by Andrea Mikyska (Instagram)
● Follow Postworld label on (Bandcamp + Instagram)

Text: Krištof Budke

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