We got an email from Orchid aka LUNÁTICA, about the new compilation by the Ghetto Witchez international collective. The 13-track project including artists like Miss Jay, PVSSY, Santa Niña, El Pseudo (which we premiered in the past), NTFL or Lunática, will come out via Bandcamp on 22.01.2022. We immediately choose Lunática’s punchy heavy dance track „Ouroboros“ which we have the pleasure to premiere now.

This is a perfect example of Lunática’s musical style. Heavy dance vibes with strong unusual robust drums. „Ouroboros“ is like dancing in some shamanistic digital vaporwave ritual.

 Ghettowitchez is a multidisciplinary platform based in Guatemala City, San Salvador, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston, and all around the internet. They are dedicated to connecting and promoting DJs, producers, as well as emerging artists from their neighborhoods and also the whole world.

Can you tell us more about this compilation?

„The realization of this compilation began in March 2021, together with the help of Carly Core, a very dear friend of the platform. I commented that we wanted to be able to have a compilation where friends and family from GW could help us create this atmospheric space where the music takes us to different transitions of state and time… and that is exactly what happened. With her help, we gathered tracks from artists like Miss Jay, Psuedo from Mexico, Likra from Barcelona, PVSSY from Ecuador among other friends from the Internet.

Nodo Norte Nodo Sur (North node South node) is a sound ritual where the experimentation of sound has no rules and never will. From ambient music to a heavy club, to dembow and reggaeton and without missing the core, this compilation will put your vibe in connection with the poles.“

(Also, be sure to check out the project from FiFi and Lunática via Jerome Sound)

➭ ☀ You can follow Lunática here and Ghetto Witchez here

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