We got to know about the new upcoming EP Open by Spanish producer Hugo Calcio through his Portugal label – Colectivo Casa Amarela. If you are a regular fan of Swine Daily, you know we try to present as many new exciting labels, collectives and artists from all over the world, as we can. So it’s okay if you haven’t heard about Colectivo Casa Amarela yet! For us, it is also a new interesting music crew from Lisabon. It creates an interesting electronic music scenery, together with Portugal collectives like Rádio Quântica, Circa A.D., Zabra Records, Enchufada, or Princípe.

As a label says: “With an intimate and reserved approach to contemporary ambient music, Madrid native Hugo Calcio builds a microcosm of memories and projections, a series of short stories on synths and drones, elliptical layers of sound on what makes up each one’s identity.”

Indeed, Hugo’s strong three songs are beautiful, both intimate and epic. You have to imagine heavenly light coming from the sky. In this busy world, especially after a surreal pandemic year, when things are starting to move, deadlines are coming, some home-offices are ending, workers are noisy out on the streets (in the centre of Olomouc yes), it can be difficult to find some time to appreciate music. Really, carefully listen to music, discover new songs, enjoy it with passion. It’s hard. When I finally got time to write this little piece on Hugo Calcio’s new EP, it’s never quiet. It is during midday, I have to put my headphones on as outside on the road it’s buzzing hell. With the less intense, or not right music, it would be impossible to concentrate. But I really love all three songs by Hugo. It’s refreshing.

During the 15 minutes of the EP (I’ve listened to it three times in a row), you can take this time as a quick mental bath. Spanish producer will teleport you to heavenly (Bladee and Young Lean aesthetics) vaporwave land, where you can just breathe and enjoy the calming sounds of the music. Or “gorgeous shimmering soundscapes and digital sighs”, as the label puts it. At least, this effect the EP has on me.“This is a short EP in its duration, but an accurate one in its effect. These are powerful tracks, not easily forgotten. Hard to believe that this young man from Madrid just got here,” closes Colectivo Casa Amarela.

About Colectivo Casa Amarela

The name of the label [meaning Collective Yellow House] was inspired from a late 80’s Portuguese film called Recordações da Casa Amarela – Recollections from the yellow house, from João César Monteiro. I asked Bruno Pereira, from the label about the story behind the collective.

“Yellow house was slang for hospice or madhouse back in the day. We loved how the movie was at the same time high and low-brow, erudite and popular at the same time. It was blending satire, drama, surrealism and postmodernism. Regarding the music we release – it’s easy. We only work with music we love. Until now we have focused mostly on electronic music, ambient, drone and even noise, but we aim to explore different stuff, as long as we like it and we feel it stays with us.”

“For example, we are releasing one ambient album in May, a darker, more tense experimental album in June and one harsh noise wall record in July. They are vastly different, yet it all fits in our yellow house. Mafalda Melim deals with all visual aspects, from videos and teasers to artworks and light shows, I curate concerts and release some albums – some of them my own (Aires, Shikabala, Fashion Eternal, Peak Bleak, Gallo’84, Hot Dancerzzz), others are handpicked collaborations. We would describe ourselves as a micro-label and promoter with a special focus on experimental electronic music.”

➥ You can follow Colectivo Casa Amarela here, Hugo Calcio here.

Text: Krištof Budke ✱ Thanks Bruno for reaching out

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