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After tracks by Prague based DJ TUCO, Dreem Tran’s, singer and producer Rattlesnakke from Buenos Aires or bass music virtuoso Clyde, we are presenting a new song „Heridas“ from Chilean producer Alpha S.

OJOZ NEGROZ is the last compilation from 623 Collective – Peruvian label – based on the exploration of Latin and Afrofuturistic music. This compilation tries to give us an idea about contemporary Latin electronic music and how this can be converted into cultural exportation.

In this compilation, 15 producers and one percussionist explored contemporary Latin music according to their musical view to give us a perfect example of how music can be wonderful and have a strong message about experiences and feelings.

Track „Heridas“ [English: wound] from Alpha S represents this, his feelings and experiences about his life and the moment that is happening in his country, Chile. Alpha S, the musical project from Baltazar Solar, explores Latino and Afro-Latino music, or how he calls it Sudamerican Bass.

With this new track, he tries to represent what’s the situation in Chile like, the reality there and how the state responded to the Chilean society when they decided to rally peacefully against the precarious lives that they keep on having. But how did the State respond? With abuses, violent measures and human rights violations.

In Chile we ask for dignity and they gave us wounds

HERIDAS represents “fuego en las calles y caos. Música para recorrer calles en revuelta. Grietas hay en los muros, junto a rayados y gritos de verdad con pintura o tinta. En lxs mixs hay heridas. Mira tu piel y hay recuerdos que se quedan ahi. Partieron como heridas. Marcas únicas en cada cuerpx, que esta vez comparten un dolor colectivo. En Chile pedimos Dignidad y nos dieron heridas”.


We’re premiering this song in collaboration with Santho Mhiercoles from Sacrilejio Records and 623 Collective.

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